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Gilchrist Financial Services has deep roots in Northern BC, having been started over 40 years ago by Bruce Gilchrist, and we plan to be in the financial planning business for many years to come. We pride ourselves in ensuring our financial solutions meet the needs of our clients. We value each and every client and truly strive to have a positive financial impact on his or her future.

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We offer strategic alliances with other professionals in the accounting and legal profession to assist clients in ensuring they receive expertise in each area.  We are insurance and investment experts, and focus on keeping our qualifications up-to-date in these areas.  We choose not to be all things for all aspects of the financial world, and are happy to work in conjunction with our clients’ other advisors.

Our team has long-term partnerships with a number of large, global life insurance companies. The affiliation provides clients tremendous advantages of stability and consistency with below-average risk.  These companies offer solid histories of providing clients and their heirs with promised benefits of estate planning strategies.

We have the ability to deal with various investment companies in Canada.  Our independence does not tie our advice to any particular company, product or service.  The needs of our clients, personal situations, risk tolerance, time horizon, and level of understanding of financial instruments, all play a part in developing a plan for each client.  The particular product is of least importance to our decision making process – which truly indicates our desire to do what is best for the client.

Please call or email us to arrange an appointment and take the first step to consolidating your financial life to one trusted team…the Gilchrist Financial Services Team!

Our sponsoring mutual fund dealer is Investment Planning Counsel (IPC), the independent advisor arm of IGM Financial Inc. and Power Financial Corporation.

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